Jeeyun Sophia Baik

Ph.D. Candidate, Annenberg School, University of Southern California

Hi! I am a doctoral candidate at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California. I focus on issues of privacy, data justice and communication law and policy. Through my research, I explore sociopolitical and regulatory implications of the networked information environment for our everyday lives and people at the margins in particular.

My dissertation examines how one's right to data privacy is negotiated as a civil right to prevent discrimination and inequity along the emerging U.S. legislation over corporate data practices both at a state level (i.e., California) and at a federal level. I closely follow coalition-building dynamics across privacy advocacy groups and civil rights communities who are putting forward the frame of data privacy as a civil right in public discourse and legislating processes.

I received my Master of Public Diplomacy at USC and my B.A. in International Relations at Seoul National University in South Korea. Prior to the doctoral program, I produced news and worked in Public Relations at various media/cultural organizations.



Twitter: @jeeyunbaik

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