• The Cultures of New Media (B.A. Level), Spring 2021

    • Communication and Media Economics (B.A. Level), Summer 2020

Teaching Assistant

    • Contours of Change in Media and Communication (B.A. Level), Spring 2020

    • Intercultural Communication (B.A. Level), Fall 2018 & Spring 2019 & Fall 2020

    • Rhetoric and the Public Sphere (B.A. Level), Fall 2017

    • Order and Disorder in Global Affairs (B.A. Level), Fall 2013

Guest Lectures

    • Data Privacy in the Information Age. Communication Technology and Culture. USC Annenberg, Summer 2021

    • Privacy and Surveillance, Communication Technology and Culture, USC Annenberg, Fall 2020

    • Conducting Interviews, Qualitative Research Methods in Communication, USC Annenberg, Fall 2020

    • Surveillance Capitalism, Contours of Change in Media and Communication, USC Annenberg, Spring 2020

    • Publics and Counter-publics, Rhetoric and the Public Sphere, USC Annenberg, Fall 2017


    • Future Faculty Teaching Institute, USC Center for Excellence in Teaching, Spring 2020