Research Areas

Privacy Policy

Data Privacy Regulations

  • Baik, J.S. (Under review). Framing Data Privacy as a Civil Right: From Neoliberal Privacy to Privacy Justice.

  • Baik, J.S (2020). Data privacy and political distrust: Corporate “pro liars,” “gridlocked Congress,” and the Twitter issue public around the U.S. privacy legislation. Information, Communication and Society.

  • Baik, J.S. (2020). Data privacy against innovation or against discrimination?: The case of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Telematics and Informatics. 52.

Data-Driven Business Models

  • Baik, J.S. (In preparation). Reining in surveillance advertising through privacy regulations?: Multi-stakeholder responses to online behavioral advertising in the United States.

  • Grover, R. & Baik, J.S. (Under review). From Paywalls to Datawalls: Platformization in Digital News Through Datafied Membership Programs.

  • Baik, J.S. & Famularo, J. (Under Review). Context Expansion: A System-Level Approach to Data Privacy and Loyalty Programs with Healthtech.

Platform Governance

  • Baik, J.S. & Sridharan, H. (Under review). Civil Rights Audits as Counterpublic Strategy: Articulating the Responsibility to Care for Marginalized Communities in Platform Governance.

  • Jang, E., Baik, J.S., & Fischer, K. (accepted). Contact Tracing Apps as Boundary Objects of Pandemic Governance: The State-by-State Approach to Contain the Spread of COVID-19 in the US. International Journal of Communication.

  • Ahn, S., Baik, J.S., & Krause, C.S. (2022). Splintering and centralizing platform governance: how Facebook adapted its content moderation practices to the political and legal contexts in the United States, Germany, and South Korea. Information, Communication and Society.

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The Politics of Surveillance

  • Baik, J.S. & Jang, E. (2022). Where horizontal and vertical surveillances meet: Sense-making of US COVID-19 contact tracing apps during a health crisis. Mobile Media and Communication.

  • Baik, J. (2020). The Geotagging Counterpublic: The Case of Facebook Remote Check-Ins to Standing Rock. International Journal of Communication, 14, 2057–2077.

  • Alarcon, A.*, Baik, J.*, & Kim, D. O.* (2019). “Everyone deserves a Smartphone?”: Understanding the media’s legitimation of mobile technology use by Syrian refugees. Mass Communication and Society, 22(6), 779-803. (* Equal contribution.)